Tapioca starch is one of the vegetable softgel gelatin material, pure plant source, the tapioca starch is modified so to make it available to form the gelatin ribbon and encapsulate the veggie softgel.


Comparing the normal medicine softgel, supplement softgel, cosmetic softgel etc., whose softgel skin is made by animal gelatin like bovine gelatin, softgel skin of tapioca starch vegan softgel is made by modified tapioca starch. Difference of normal softgel and vegan softgel is only the softgel skin, fill material in softgel is the same. For example when multi vitamin softgel, normal one is animal gelatin skin with the multi vitamin fill material; veggie sfotgel is tapioca starch skin with the same multi vitamin fill material. Veggie softgel is highly required and popular now because its pure veggie nature.




Soft capsule is composed of softgel skin and softgel fill material. It means that all the fill material of current softgels can be well made into tapioca starch veggie softgel, pure oil fill material is good, suspension fill material is good, heavy paste fill material is good, cosmetic fill material is good too.


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Softgel encapsulation machine and the equipment line to make this veggie softgel, its the same type equipment and line for animal gelatin softgel. But some structure should be modified to suit better for tapioca starch feature. Very small modification, but they will help for higher sealing rate, less leakage for finished products, better softgel quality. Except the formula of tapioca starch gelatin, sealing rate should be tested after each process like encapsulation, tumbler dryer pre-shaping, complete drying, finished product testing etc. to track the production condition well. Currently SEC has realized 5RPM stable encapsulation on the independent softgel encapsulation machine. Considering the market user's facility condition and auxiliary equipment supporting, its not practical to truly have whole line 5RPM production daily.


Definitely production process for tapioca starch veggie softgel is different with animal gelatin softgel, especially the gelatin melting, encapsulation and drying. Well control technical process and well set each parameters to meet the tapioca starch feature, which support for higher speed stable production. Under SEC team support, customer of SEC nowadays have stable daily production of fill material formula with low composition lecithin, as typical exacple for suspension, its whole line production speed is stable 2.5RPM.


Tapioca starch veggie softgel production could not be very high speed now, same as the cosmetic skin care softgel, its not valuable to invest high speed softgel machine, normal models should be good and enough, like SEC-26, SEC-46, SEC-106 etc., model SEC-46 is having 3RPM stable speed with oil fill material for whole production line. 


What are the benefits for Veggie tapioca starch softgel capsule, SEC has tested and proved good at below sides:

  • The quality is good approved by SEC team after testing in acceleration box and normal temperature box for whole softgel shelf life; It is not affected too much when in bad temperature and humidity condition, different with animal gelatin softgel that is easy to be sticky each other.
  • Good transparency, good chewing which is same as bovine gelatin softgel.
  • Tapioca starch Veggie softgel will not break when at temperature 0 celsius degree, and only a little when at temperature minus 18 celsius degree; different with animal gelatin softgel that will break at temperature 0 celsius degree, and most break at temperature minus 18 celsius degree.
  • When normal temperature in summer, 30 celsius degree, temperature in transportation carton will be
  • around 53 celsius degree, animal gelatin capsule is almost all sticky together, SEC team found even though, its good for the tapioca starch veggie softgel.
  • AFS (animal free softgel), no cross-linking reaction, better thermal stability, suitable for all religious and vegetarians.


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